German shepherd information including appearance, temperament, food, health issues, lifespan and longevity, cost, and history.


The German shepherd dogs are most popular dog breeds in America. They are very intelligent and capable working dogs. They are versatile, excelling at most anything they are trained to do: guide the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, detection of drug, competitive obedience, faithful companion. German shepherd puppies are always ready to work and ready to play, and make you laugh uncontrollably. Some facts about German shepherd puppies are that they can be protective of their family, they will help redecorate your floors, they ae very active and they need lots of physical stimulation and playtime. But they are still softies. They are very intelligent and curious, they want to know what is going on all the time.

Other names for German shepherd are Alsatian, Berger Allemande, GSD.


German shepherd dogs have solid bone structure. Their head is in proper proportion to their body and forehead is slightly rounded. The nose of German shepherd is black and some may have blue and liver colored noses but such colors are recognized as fault. The tail of the dog is bushy and hang down when they are at rest. The height of the female dog is 55-60 cm and male dog is 60-65 cm. And the weight of the female dog is 22- 32 kg and the male dog is 30-34 kg.

appearance of german shepherd


They are highly energetic dogs, they continuously need a lot of activity and exercise; if not they may take up destructive behavior like biting, barking, digging and chewing. These dogs are not fit for the owners who are not staying at home for long times. They are ranked as top watch dogs. They have unique personality. They are well known as real police deputies. They possess all the qualities to make for great family companions.


Even though they are healthy dogs several health problems occur to them.

  1. HIP DYSPLASIA: This disease usually occur in the large dogs. The symptoms of this disease in some dogs may not even show. X-ray screening is the best way to detect whether it is suffering from hip dysplasia.
  2. ELBOW DYSPLASIA: This is common among all the large dogs. This is caused due to different growth rates between the three bones that make up the elbow. This may lead to pain. Symptoms cannot be shown for some dogs. Surgery is the best way to correct this problem. Medication is given to ease the pain.
  3. GASTRIC DILATATION- VOLVULUS: This is also known as bloat, it is a threatening condition which effects large dogs with deep chest. This is caused if you feed the dog only one but large meal per day, drinks more water after eating, exercises after eating, eats more.


Food for adult German shepherds:

  1. dry kibble dog food
  2. wet canned dog food
  3. semi moist dog food
  4. freeze-dried dog food
  5. frozen-then-thawed dog food
  6. organic dog food
  7. dehydrated dog food

Food for German shepherd puppies:

  1. wellness core grain-free puppy food
  2. wellness complete health large breed puppy food
  3. blue buffalo wilderness large breed puppy food
  4. holistic select large and gaint breed puppy food
  5. instinct raw boost large breed puppy food


The German shepherd cost between $300 and $900 if we buy from the breeders and depending on whether it is normal German shepherd, show dog or working dog. The adult German shepherd which are show dogs or work dogs cost between $6000 and $7000.


Life span: 9 – 13 years


German shepherd is a large sized dog breed. It is originated in Germany in 1899. These are working dogs and are developed for herding and guarding sheep. They are also employed in police and military role around the world due to their strength and intelligence. Von Stephanitz named the breed as “Deutscher Schaferhund” and later translated to German shepherd dog. The breed was officially renamed Alsatian wolf dog by the UK kennel club. The word “Alsatian” removed in 2010. They have featured in a wide range of media. This is one of the earliest canine film stars and followed by Rin Tin Tin, who is acclaimed as most famous German shepherd.

german shepherd

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